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Local equivalent to ISDA Master Agreement for Derivatives trading has been developed by Czech Banking Association (CBA), so therefore this Agreement is called CBA-MAFT (“Master Agreement for Financial Transactions”). Quite naturally, CBA has inspired by ISDA when creating this documentation template, so that main principles have been nearly followed, however the structure is a bit different when compared with ISDA Master Agreement. The main difference is that while ISDA is governed by UK/US Law, CBA-MAFT is adhered to local regulation and any disputes may be solved in front of Czech courts. That is main advantage and logically this mitigation is sufficient for counterparties that are trading primarily on Czech financial market (resp. with Czech counterparties).

The latest version of CBA-MAFT complete template is to be found here:

This is the full set of individual sections for CBA-MAFT:

From a very first sight, the introduction part is referred to General Provisions, then the core section of the Agreement is containing Specific Provisions and further there are Annexes for Collateral maintaining, Repos valuations and Margining, similarly as conducted by ISDA. This is however embodied into CBA-MAFT as an integral part of the Agreement.

For other information, pls refer to web pages of Czech Banking Association.

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