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Lending activities still dominate on core-business of financial institutions and banks, especially in terms of their Balance sheet and Income structure, as they account for more than 50% of Assets and generate major part of Interest income. This structure may slightly differ when it comes to Investment banking or Specialized lending vehicles, but speaking about commercial banking this assumption remains valid. Read more…

We try to keep you posted on how is/will the economy environment in Czech Republic/European Union look like and what will be the key drivers for upcoming period. This update is sourced from ING Bank Research team. CNB delivered frontloaded easing/ May 2020: As last time, the Czech National Bank delivered a higher-than-expected cut, 75 bp […]

Central Bank keeps issuing its own forecasts covering main macro-economic indicators like GDP, Inflation rate, Interest rates, main FX currency pairs estimates including the future global economy outlook etc. the previous analysis are herewith attached:

Latest market trends in sector of commercial Real estates (primarily concerning the Offices, Warehouse and logistic premises and Shopping malls) are sourced from Colliers International providing regular market forecast and research on this topic. previous reports are herewith attached:

This section will try to bring you the most up-to-date information on latest development in local economic environment with main focus on macro-economy picture, domestic banking area, Real estate sector and other interesting elements that may shape the evolution of the whole domestic market in near future.

Project finance related transactions are very special and complex deal structures, whereas they are even in some cases conducted by specialized organizations, like for instance Czech export Bank. Involving of such institution is necessary whenever the financing activities and their purpose is to support the export of complex technology or equipment abroad, while there is […]

When it comes to REF deals, these structures represent along with Project Financing the most sophisticated deals. Therefore it is very usual that those deals are conducted by specialized Departments, are concluded in line with external credit documentation (LMA standards or LMA like) and are supervised by external bodies confirming the stage of project development. […]

The Borrower may wish to utilize LT bank loan, which will be used for some specific reasons like Investments into Assets (reconstruction of Building, purchase of a new Fixed Assets, purchase of Shares – Company take over etc.). These types of transactions are more complex in terms of documentation, structuring and execution. For a big-ticket […]

This is de-facto an equivalent of WCF with one exception that usual forms of utilizations (Overdraft and ST-Advances) are further enhanced by another Product type like Bank Guarantees and Bonds, which may be used for various purposes as follows: Rental Guarantees, to cover the required deposit from Lessor of rented premises Payment Guarantees, to substitute […]

WCF represents the most regular type of credit facilities provided to operating entities (“OpCo”), which need to cover the gap in production/sales cycle, when there are purchased needed to be paid on side of liabilities, while these are afterwards turned into trade receivables waiting for incoming payments from Borrowers Off-takers. This gap in Working capital […]

From complexity perspective this is the simplest structure as it has no specific purpose for financing, the Borrower may utilize the funds for whatever needs like paying the bills and invoices for energy costs, business suppliers, travelling expenses, taxes and salaries etc. So that, the Bank just set one limit usually in form of Overdraft […]

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