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While Lending business activities are in general cases recognized within the Balance sheet (of the Bank as well as the Client), other Lending products that were originally derived from Export finance needs have evolved into separate category of the Banks business activities and are distributed to customers by means of Trade Finance channel. Read more…

Trade finance products have developed throughout the time in order to match with trading habits mainly in export business, however they needed certain “golden rules” that would be applicable for all trading partners, for all commodities and under all jurisdictions. This is given the international aspect of foreign trade, so that it is exposed to […]

An assets-based financing representing alternative for usual loan financing, whereas Leasing companies are better positioned on the market and better equipped to provide the Client with these tailor-made services. As mentioned, the purpose of Leasing financing is purchase of any specific operating assets that are essential for running the business. In some cases, these may […]

Locally, within the Czech market, there are couple of commercial Insurance companies focused on business contracts insurance like Atradius, Credendo, Coface and Euller-Hermes. In addition, there is a state-owned Insurance company EGAP cooperating and supporting activities of Czech-based exporters, that are financed primarily by Czech Export Bank (CEB). Therefore, the scope of financing activities offered […]

Factoring means purchase, funding, management and collection of short term accounts receivable arising from supply of goods and services to domestic buyers. Goods are delivered on open account credit terms up to 180 days. Basically, we recognize two categories: a) Recourse factoring and b) Non-recourse factoring. Factoring market segment, or globally called Supply chain financing, […]

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